Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me…. What a way to start a Sunday — the coffee maker decided it was done for. Of course, being PC techie I just had to take it apart and see what was going on. It was time for it’s quarterly cleaning anyway. So the light turns on, but no one is home type of thing. The heating element doesn’t even warm. Cleaned out all the tubing, internal and external washing. Heck! If I had to box I could almost get away with returning it. But in no way am I that type of person (I just know of people that would do it.) Anyway, opted for the energy drink cause I had to get movin’.

Had some of those Ultra Cheap Fruity Rice Krispies from last night for breakfast, so good if you get a glass of ice cold milk and dunk it in.

My son has been on summer break out of the state with family and he’s finally coming home tomorrow! Haven’t seen the kid in three months, he’s gonna be taller than me I know it. Any ideas on how to shrink him down a bit? Crazy fun part is that my mother is bringing him back home. Now I’m sure many of you; being the mother or the daughter would be happy. My mom and I don’t get along very well. Perhaps I’ll share all that one day. Anyway, since we live about 6 hours apart she invited herself to spend the night instead of getting a hotel (we live in Vegas – there’s plenty of cheap places to stay especially during the week.)

In an attempt to make her feel welcome we decided to make a freezer meal that we haven’t had the time to prep. All I can say is that tomorrow’s dinner has not even been fully cooked yet and I’m already wanting seconds! I can’t tell you where I picked up the recipe from, but honestly a Pinterest search for Mexican Stuffed Shells will suffice.

Lastly for the evening, I had decided at the last minute before bed to spend over an hour making pretzel bites. Now, I only made like 20 pieces (hopefully I’m not ruining the dough by having it hangout overnight in the fridge) and since it’s 100 degrees outside I opted for the toaster oven rather than the regular oven. Of course, I got distracted with Email and burnt the first half, but they were still really good. Extremely soft in the center crispy on the outside and such perfect flavor that I didn’t need any sauce. (Which either way would have been too bad for me since I didn’t make any.) I’ll will most definitely be making these again and again. Please, head on over to Two Peas and Their Pod and check out Maria’s take on homemade soft pretzel bites. Go. Go make these now! Right Now. You’ll thank me later as you’re eating all 10 dozen without batting an eye.

Have a great evening! ❤




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